Services Legal

We are convinced that an in-depth understanding of existing legal frameworks plays a decisive role in the everyday management of specific situations.

Given that the legal aspect of a business is an important element in determining positive outcomes, we manage those required legal services at every stage of our whole strategy to ensure successful results.

We defend our clients’s interests in front of both threats and effective damages caused either by unloyal behaviours or by restrictive public practices.

Criminal Law

Liability of administrators and social organs.


Protection of industrial and non-material assets. Competence.

International Contracts

We support the client all along the negotiation process that ends with the drafting of the agreement. We promote the culture of Partnerships & Cooperation Agreements.

International Private Law

Resolution of disputes.

Following almost 10 years of a steady drop-off in prices, there’s little doubt that the spanish real estate market has recovered from the economic down-turn, with a slow but sure improvement in the current number of operations.

Both Spain in general and Barcelona in particular will continue offering remarkable advantages to investors, private companies and professionals in their field of activity.


  1. Legal and commercial assessment.
  2. Property trading and brokering.
  3. Asset management.