Who we are


Responsible Solutions Spain is a legal and business consultancy, created and run by Jordi Marcer after years of experience as a legal consultant and managing director for a number of international companies.


We have no alignment of any kind to ideological trend or religion.


We only provide assessment based on empirical conclusions and after a deep analyse of the avalaible facts.


We promote the use of cooperative strategies, through which goals and milestones seem closer.

Professional competence

We provide services only when we are convinced that our customers will benefit from any action or step undertaken.


No confidential information acquired as a result of our assessments will be passed on to any third parties.

Integrative approach

We would be proud of becoming a business platform where highly qualified professionals can find their place by joining us.

International vocation

We are equally at ease when working on international levels of activity, wether for big corporations or private individuals.

Corporate Social Responsability

We are strongly committed to activities that are beneficial to local communities.

Jordi Marcer
Managing Director and Founder

Legal and International Business Expert.
Registered member of Barcelona’s Bar Association.
(License Nr. 17.103).

Professional path

  • Legal and Business Consultancy. Lawyer (Icab 17.193), Delivery of services and qualified assessment in the field of international business. Entrepreneur. Creation and management of business units and start ups in several industries: mobility, tourism, health&care, systems and equipments,.. Committed to accessibility and CSR initiatives.
  • Managing Director for international corporations such as Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, a german industrial group leading in the field of mobility and urban structures.
  • Foreign Trade diplomatic consultant at the Commercial Office, attached to the Spanish Embassy in Berlin (former GDR). Business partner to the “Treuhandanstalt”, relevant managing positions at COPCA-ACC10 and Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Legal defense of software’s copyright. Legal services provided to and in defence of the Business Software Alliance(BSA), as well as to computer and new technologies firms.